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Animated Storytelling – the Nalanda Way

Children learn to tell stories from the moment they learn to speak, mostly from others as they hear. They also learn by being exposed to a variety of digital media, television, and particularly from hand-held devices. Even toddlers are seen to be extremely tech-savvy. The increasing desire of children to join in, to address their need to communicate and socialize is also being witnessed and the phenomenon studied worldwide.

Naturally, addressing pre-schoolers’ abilities and engaging their curiosity using story-telling formats, often through digital mediums, has emerged as a game changer. The National Education Policy (NEP 2020) has also underscored the importance of such a methodology.

Nalanda Learning – an early mover
Nalanda Learning has been an early mover in the domain and has been tirelessly working to create content that is aimed at stimulating the minds of children — to teach them the basics as they engage in playing games. The three pillars that support the Nalanda way — are co-opting of parents into this play-learning exercise, real-time evaluation of the children’s progress, and the constant re-skilling of teachers to ride the crest and facilitate the pedagogy. A holy troika, as experts in early childhood education acknowledge.

An example would suffice. For five-year-old children, understanding the concepts of vowel digraphs and long vowel sounds can be confusing. As a matter of fact, many adults too, are seen to struggle with these pronunciations.

Nalanda Learning proprietary Worksheets and Animated Videos
The Nalanda Learning Worksheets and Animated Videos have visually represented these and such abstract concepts so attractively that it becomes very easy for children to grasp the idea in the class. When they go home, they reinforce their learning by engaging in interactive games on the same concepts that they had learned in school. It is also beneficial for parents who can get a sense of their child’s progress.

Similarly, educational animated videos are one of the best examples of learning facilitators. It is a helpful medium to merge the subject matter and entertainment to enhance learning. Animated videos play an important role in education to support students’ cognitive processes.

Again, story-telling through animated videos wakes up the children’s creativity and communication skills. They facilitate communication between the subject matter and the children’s understanding of the world around them. Colours, shapes, characters, pictures, creativity, and imagination in the educational animated videos help students improve their critical thinking skills as well as curiosity.

A coveted position of pre-eminence
It will not be out of place to mention here that early childhood education experts, pedagogy masters, child psychologists, and teacher trainers combine their skills wills with digital architects to constantly create and upgrade the Nalanda content. This targeted and tested content not only helps refine the natural ability of the children to learn but also makes running pre-schools a breeze. Which in turn, has made Nalanda achieve the position of pre-eminence in the segment that it has attained.