FAQ - Nalanda Learning

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do we have to take the Franchisee of Nalanda Learning in order to start our school?

No, you don’t have to take the Franchisee of Nalanda Learning in order to start your preschool. Nalanda Learning is an Ed-Tech company that provides State-of-the-art LMS to partner schools along with books and worksheets. Nalanda Learning also provides training to the teachers of their partner schools along with other support.

2. What would be the relationship between Nalanda Learning and my/our school?

Nalanda Learning will be the Educational Partner of your school. Nalanda will provide all kinds of curriculum support (online & offline), physical books, worksheets, teachers’ training, a day-wise curriculum plan, assessment, and operational and marketing support.

3. Do I need to change the name of my school once I sign the agreement?

No, you don’t have to change the name of the Preschool. Your school name will remain the same. Nalanda Learning will be a curriculum partner for your school.

4. Can I use my curriculum and use only your LMS for my school?

The curriculum and LMS go hand in hand. Both the LMS and books are connected. The LMS is designed based on the pedagogy of Nalanda Learning philosophy ENRICH. The schools cannot use LMS separately.

5. Do I need to recruit teachers once I sign the agreement with Nalanda Learning?

Yes, you will have to recruit teachers in order to carry out classes. However, Nalanda Learning will provide all the required training and tools to your teachers.

6. What would be the agreement terms?

The initial term of the agreement will be for 3 years.

7. What are the charges I have to pay to Nalanda Learning?

The partner school will have to pay charges @ Rs. 4,500/- per student to Nalanda Learning. Nalanda Learning will provide books, worksheets, and login ids for digital content.

8. Do I need to pay any other charges to Nalanda Learning?

No, you don’t have to pay any other charges to Nalanda Learning.

9. Do you provide furniture for the school?

No, we don’t provide any furniture to any school. However, our managers can guide and share the best practices adopted by various preschools, which in turn can help you to drive the admission numbers.

10. Who will manage my school?

The school will be managed by you only. Nalanda Learning will help you to identify, recruit and train teachers in order to make it a success.

11. What support will Nalanda Learning offer to their partner schools?

The important areas where Nalanda Learning will support the partner schools are curriculum support, recruitment, training, academics, admission, and marketing strategy support.

12. Who will provide Marketing support?

Nalanda Learning will help you to increase the visibility of your school by promoting your school on its website. Moreover, Nalanda Learning will help you to create an effective marketing plan at the local level in order to drive the admission numbers. The partner school will also have access to leads pertaining to your area, generated by Nalanda Learning through various online activities.

13. Will you provide training to our Teachers? How much does training cost?

Yes, Nalanda Learning will provide extensive training to all the teachers. We do not charge anything for the training. However, in case any teacher wants to opt for any ECCEd training, charges will apply.

14. Does Nalanda Learning provide books, study material, and uniform? Or will we have to organise the materials locally?

Yes, we provide school essentials, which include books, worksheets, study materials, etc,. However, Nalanda Learning will not provide any uniforms and bags to the students. You can procure the same locally.

15. How will the fee structure be determined? Who will fix the fee?

The fee structure is dependent on various factors like the socio-economic profile of the locality, per capita income, real estate cost, market conditions and competition. It may vary from city to city and at times within cities too. Thus, the fee structure would be decided by the partner schools only depending on socio-economic factors.

16. What is Nalanda Learning’s curriculum?

Our Curriculum is based on the National Education Policy 2020 and caters to the needs and requirement of Early Childhood Care and Education. Our curriculum is based on Nalanda’s pedagogy ENRICH which is a framework designed to cultivate and consolidate holistic well-being in children. It takes into consideration the following areas of development:


Our curriculum focuses on specific learning outcomes through the measurement and monitoring of the growth and development of a child on a monthly basis through the Areas of Development which are tracked under the MDCs (Monthly Development Checklist)

17. What are the principles of Nalanda Learning?

Nalanda Learning is committed to provide the BEST Learning Ecosystem for young learners and Delivery Ecosystem for partner by focusing on:

  • People (Employees, Partner, Teachers, Parents)
  • Content (Curriculum, Pedagogy, Tools)
  • Technology (Platform, Digital Learning Tools, Engagement)
  • Data (Financial, Academic & Behavioral)
  • Governance (Process and Policies)