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Preschool Scenario

The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has mandated compulsory preschool education from the age of 3 onwards with guidelines on content, curriculum, and teaching standards. Majority of schools will be facing challenges to implement and adopt teacher training programs, technology and child development tools. Nalanda ASSIST is the perfect solution for pre-schools to deliver a NEP 2020 recommended curriculum backed by technology, training, and expert advise

Hybrid Preschools for Uninterrupted Learning

Nalanda Learning's new way of early childhood learning with a technology-based digital curriculum empowers preschools to provide uninterrupted education. We’ve created a hybrid learning model - working seamlessly online and offline.


Combining physical & digital content via in-classroom studies, as well as teaching online in virtual classrooms

Physical Classroom Teaching brings together books, displays, smartboards, tables and projects for better learning. Parents can access content after class via the app.


Delivering Success for Preschools


  • Admission Counsellor training with marketing & branding support

  • White labeled parents app to track child progress and access animated videos and games

  • Ability to conduct classes in online, offline or in hybrid mode ensuring that learning never stops

  • Customized teacher's app with daily lesson plan, activity calendar, communication and assessment tools

  • Advanced teacher training programs and workshops

Give Your School The Nalanda Learning Advantage