Moving from books to activity-based learning for the young learners – Nalanda Learning’s ENRICH - Nalanda Learning

Moving from books to activity-based learning for the young learners – Nalanda Learning’s ENRICH

A child does not know the difference between education, learning, and playing. The challenge before educators, especially those engaged in providing children with life lessons in the early stages of their schooling, is to make the process of their learning as exciting and fun to the children as the education being imparted is important. How this chasm is bridged, and how the inconceivable is achieved, is the real challenge – to inculcate in children a lasting love for learning cloaked in a healthy dose of fun.

There are several educational programs available for children of all ages that have developed over time addressing sociocultural needs specific to the areas where they have evolved. Therefore, lifting blindly from a range of available educational events depending on age, level of ability, and interest does not provide the solutions that are ideally sought. What is needed, are tailor-made educational programs – NEP 2020 compliant, that have the required benefits, ranging from being a fun way to spend time, to be helpful in developing new skills and honing existing ones. And, this is precisely where Nalanda Enrich comes in, created as it has been, by educators who have spent decades honing their skills in the play schools.

Why Activity-based Learning is important

“Students interact with the content rather than merely listening to it,” said Tamal Mukherjee, the spirit behind Nalanda Learning. “Learning through activity has been proven to encourage a greater recall and deeper comprehension of information that is disseminated. Naturally, such a process of learning aids in the retention of student attention and the resultant development of higher-level skills such as critical thinking apart from ensuring a core understanding of the basics. To make the children interested in learning, we, therefore, try to link up activities like games, storytelling, and even experiments related to the specific subject, which is the core philosophy driving the Nalanda Enrich.”

How Nalanda Enrich works

Activity-based learning helps foster in children inquisitiveness, the yearning to learn which in turn leads to self-sufficiency in them, ultimately allowing them to flower. When their curiosity is aroused, their eagerness to understand how things work expands, honing their inherent analytical abilities. This in turn leads to greater involvement in the learning process with marked improvement in their attention which ultimately leads to all-around development. Social skills too – like teamwork, communication, compassion ability to accept challenges, problem-solving, and confidence – are refurbished through activity-based education.

What sets Nalanda Enrich apart

What sets the Nalanda Enrich system apart is the built-in process of according special care to individual students as the capacity of a child to embrace the information depends upon individual abilities and intellect, leading to each child reaching fruition in his or her own space. This is done by training the trainers – empowering the teaching staff by not only providing them with a holistic overview of what is expected from them but by also giving them the necessary wherewithal to translate the ideals to maximize the benefit of the children apart from taking special care to address the specific needs of individual children.