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Nalanda Learning ENRICH Explained

The philosophy behind the Nalanda Learning Enrich pedagogy has helped hone the curriculum over time. For example, a significant amount of stress has been accorded to providing digital learning resources like animation just as the format of traditional textbooks has also been maintained. This ensures that the pictures that the children see in their textbooks are the same that they get to see at home through Nalanda’s digital apps.
Nalanda Learning was the first to create games in the preschool sector to use them to instil in the children the ability to think critically, think creatively, and learn as they play at home. This is in fact, an excellent way of reinforcing the lessons that were taught earlier either digitally or in a physical classroom.

NEP and NCF compliant
Here, it will not be out of context to point out the fact that these games are not similar to the videos that are available freely on social media. Such You Tube videos, however exciting they may look on the face of it, are generally devoid of any educational outcomes and are therefore of very little value in terms of teaching in the preschool space. Videos created by Nalanda on the other hand are enriched with specific learning outcomes that are bundled together based on topics and concepts, just the way the National Education Policy (NEP) and the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) 2020 have both pointed out.

A holistic assessment system
Another unique thing about our curriculum is the inclusion of subjects that cannot be covered by traditional books, like “My Sensorial Perceptions” which is aimed at helping the children use their senses to perceive their immediate environment. This is not merely about learning words, but about feeling the words with all their senses which the children are nudged towards through various ways like collaborative discussions, games, and the like. What is also unique is that Nalanda’s assessments too are based on the same principles of observation and participation, which are aimed to keep the children unexposed to the stressful system of formal examinations. Nalanda enrich has an inbuilt monthly developmental checklist, where each child’s developmental journey is charted on seven specific criteria to provide a holistic view of not only their physical growth but also of their ethical quotient and other abilities. How the teaching-learning strategies can be best implemented is what the teachers, in turn, are trained in, making the whole process seamlessly integrated.

The efficacy of this system is borne by the fact that Nalanda students get easily admitted to the best institutions as they are known to possess not only very high self-esteem but are also proven to be good communicators with a clear understanding of the basics. As a matter of fact, this ability to think independently, often out of the box, and to address the issues thrown by life have been proven to be invaluable and will stand the children in good stead as they grow up to become citizens of tomorrow.