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Nalanda Learning Enrich – the one-stop solution for all early learning needs

Enrich is an acronym for Enlighten, Nurture, Reinforce, Involve, Counsel, and Highlight – the six sides of a Hexagon that, within it, has the magic key that can help schools to make the transition to a NEP 2020-mandated environment.

Created by Nalanda Learning with its rich experience of being a part of the preschool ecosystem for decades, “Enrich” is the fruit of Tamal and Timir Mukherjee’s vision of helping every child to develop as a confident, powerful, and competent individual. The philosophy behind Enrich is as simple as it is inclusive – to bring the world to the classrooms, to provide children with a global outlook, even as the best teaching aids from around the world are customized to address their learning needs.

Play as you learn

This is done by providing students with ample opportunity to play so that they can bond with others and learn to be imaginative – the focus of the entire exercise drawn away from mere reading and writing but directed towards the holistic development of the personality of each child. The pedagogy, using psychosomatic and academic tools is crafted in a manner that Enrich explains and practically makes students experience each concept with such clarity that they are able to embrace and become fluent in them. This stems from Nalanda’s belief that each child has potential and can be made confident. The maximum emphasis, therefore, is accorded to encouraging children to become independent learners.

The course content has been designed based on painstaking research spread over many years of actual experience with children by experts and is completely in sync with the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020, which has mandated compulsory preschool education from the age of 3 onwards with guidelines on content, curriculum, and teaching standards.

The Five C’s

Nalanda Enrich acknowledges that learning transpires through the use of both the cognitive and affective domains; cognition and emotions contribute to the learning process in important ways. ENRICH thus aims to inculcate the 5 Cs: the child learning to Communicate, Collaborate, Create and Think Critically. Not just the “what’s” Enrich encourages children to comprehend the “how’s” and the “why’s” of the subject as well. This approach, it begs to be pointed out, has been found to be extremely beneficial for young minds and has been established as the most potent tool for educating early learners in a comprehensive manner.

Designed to cultivate and consolidate the holistic well-being of children, Nalanda Learning’s Enrich is a comprehensive system that is aimed to effectively ensure language and numeracy development. Equal stress is also accorded to developing their cognitive abilities while making sure that the children get enough exposure to the physical, especially the development of motor functions. Personal social and emotional; sensory and perceptual development in children is also a focus area that has been provided with ample attention. The development of creativity in children is another key characteristic of the system which helps nurture the inherent creativity in the children, fostering in them the ability to think out of the box. Finally, what sets Enrich apart is its stress on children’s spiritual and moral development, which is a key constituent of the NEP 2020.