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NEP2020 – The Nalanda Learning Advantage

The National Education Policy (NEP 2020) has been hailed as one that will hugely impact how the nation imparts education to its children. Experts have termed it as visionary, progressive and comprehensive, pointing out that it is based on the ground reality of the country’s education scenario as it accords the highest priority to creativity, innovation, and personality development of the students, rather than expecting them to score high by rote – memorizing content without conceptually understanding the subject. And Nalanda has created the needed teaching solution that schools can adopt to instantly become NEP-ready.

NEP 2020 – Implementation will be the key factor
NEP 2020 has discarded the 10+2 board examination structure – the new school edifice will be 5+3+3+4, which most academics feel, would prove revolutionary. However, this presupposes that the two main things that schools need to do to effectively implement NEP 2020, will be changing the pedagogical structure and transforming the teaching-learning process. This, however, is easier said than done and the success of NEP 2020 will, to a great extent depend upon its effective and efficient implementation.

For making the transition to NEP 2020, especially in what was earlier known as Pre-School education, it is felt that the existing educational institutions neither have the infrastructure nor the army of trained professionals to impart the prescribed pedagogy. The creation of the knowledge aids, the study material that will be used to engage the young minds, at least in the immediate term, will be the next hurdle, points out experts.

Why Nalanda Learning

“And it is exactly in these areas that Nalanda Learning can help,” said Mr Tamal Mukherjee, the man at the helm of the entity out to revolutionize early childhood learning in India. Established in 2012 as a pre-primary education initiative under the brand name “Little Laureates”, Nalanda Learning has since evolved into a 360-degree solution provider, empowering pre-schools to deliver a National Curriculum Framework (NCF) recommended course, strictly as per the provisions of the NEP 2020, which is backed by learning videos, games, worksheets, training, and expert advice.

“Nalanda Learning’s mission is to establish the best preschool ecosystem in India, aligned with the NEP 2020, with special emphasis on curriculum, content, and technology,” said Mr Timir Mukherjee, the co-founder. No small boast, because Nalanda Learning has a presence in more than ten states, across two hundred plus schools, and is currently working with ten thousand plus students. “We at Nalanda Learning are in a unique position to provide not only an NCF-compliant curriculum but also empower our associates with structured daily lesson plans, video and game-based learning, mobile apps for the use of parents and teachers, advanced training for teachers – in other words, everything that will be needed to make the transition to touch tomorrow.”

NEP 2020 is a destination the nation must move in earnest. Nalanda Learning is the journey facilitator – we have drawn up the itinerary and have the transportation ready. All the schools need now is to come and board the vehicle” said Mr Tamal Mukherjee with a smile.