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Do Pre-primary teachers have Super Powers?

A day in the Life of a Pre-Primary Teacher

Take a roomful of bewildered and scared toddlers who have been forced out of their comfort zones, pried away from their parents and other loved ones as it were. Add that one little crybaby, for whom wailing is but normal, perhaps natural even. And before you know it, the class erupts into a synchronized sobbing competition. Soothing them to stop is one thing. Leading them through lessons is another. For good measure, add into the classroom a few stubborn ones, who refuse to comply with everything, and a splattering of little ones who are yet to be toilet trained and the circle is complete.

Many Challenges

And no. The National Education Policy (NEP 2020) has mandated that you cannot teach the pre-schoolers by rote. As a matter of fact, the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) for foundational learning of children has gone beyond that and has laid down various diktats about what they consider to be the ideal path to creating future citizens of the Nation. Add to this some very unsavoury facts – most parents wash their hands off having enrolled their little ones into pre-primary schools. And not only is the teacher expected to empathize with the howling wards in her domain, but is also expected to make them proficient in early learning and numeracy, after which the progress of the children must be monitored, graded and when all is done, wear the best-smiling face to take on irate parents who demand explanations even where they are not due. Welcome to the world of a pre-primary teacher. One Answer: Nalanda Learning ENRICH

At Nalanda, we understand exactly what you must go through. We know because we have done it across multiple locations over many decades. That is why, the solution that we provide – Nalanda Learning ENRICH focuses on making the life of teachers, your lives, just that much easier. Not only is our customized curriculum NEP 2020 compliant but also incorporates the right amount of digital exposure for the children so that they may learn the basic skills the fun way, in the truest spirit of a fun school. The pedagogy is created from a holistic point which ensures the overall development of the faculties in keeping with the National objectives. Progress monitoring is built into the system which is aimed at ensuring that you are aware of the growth and development of each child at any given point in time.

However, the highest priority in Nalanda Learning’s ENRICH program is accorded to ensuring that you are consistently trained, for we understand, that it is you and you alone who will wield the magic wand, making the buds blossom.