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How Nalanda Learning ENRICH can empower preschools to become NEP2020 compliant

The Government wants to integrate India into the global knowledge economy by ensuring among other things that the educational system is overhauled comprehensively. Towards this end, the more than three decades old National Policy on Education (NPE) formulated in 1986 have been done away with and the National Education Policy (NEP 2020) has been enforced. Through this, the long-standing demand of parents and members of the academia that education be imparted in such a way that it becomes not only flexible, experiential, learner-oriented, inquiry-driven, and enjoyable, but is also geared towards future-proofing the acquired skill sets.

On paper, what is set out to be achieved is revolutionary. But like all steps involving the taking of giant steps, the journey will be an arduous one, primarily for two reasons. One, the infrastructure that will be needed for the seamless integration will prove to be difficult to acquire, especially for stand-alone educational institutions. Two, training the teachers to comprehend the finer nuances that have been spelled out in the NEP 2020 may well become a difficult challenge, especially when geographical, socioeconomic, and regional disparities are considered. Availability of resources will also be a major obstacle, opine industry insiders.

Nalanda Learning ENRICH – making the difference

It is precisely here that Nalanda Learning Enrich is acting as the tilting factor, extending a hand of help to the institutions struggling to make the transition. For beginners, Nalanda has the complete NEP 2020 environmental know-how, which is backed by a pedagogic system that is proven and tested. As a matter of fact, parents and teachers alike laud the quality of the study and activity materials that are provided by Nalanda Learning.

The Nalanda Learning Enrich system, built meticulously from the bottom up, by academicians, experts from the field of education, and digital engineers, is not only a hundred percent NEP compliant but is also “plug-and-play” class, making it the first choice among the early movers into the system. Two other points that set the Nalanda system apart are to do with the fact that teacher education – developing the skill sets of the teachers – is built in, as it is the continuous performance monitoring of every child within the system. This, at a price point that is extremely attractive.

The other reason that is widely cited by actual end users when the Nalanda Learning Enrich system is discussed, is the quality of support, both in terms of pedagogic and technical that is provided. “Working with Nalanda is like a breeze, as they anticipate the problems and often offer the solutions even before we ourselves become aware of them” is a common refrain. Not really surprising, considering the rich experience that the people behind Nalanda bring to the table having run multiple institutions for decades at an end, and the fact that Nalanda is an end-to-end solution provider, having all the resources needed for success in-house.

It will not be out of place to mention here that Tamal Mukherjee, the spirit behind Nalanda Learning, is highly respected as a pioneer in the edu-tech space and is on the relevant committee of a National Industry Association helping frame the path ahead.