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Nalanda Learning & the New Education Policy: CBSE to G20

The New Education Policy 2020 is being hailed as a game-changer that will usher in a paradigm shift, especially in the field of early education. However, most experts opine that the transformation of the existing academic institution and the ones rushing in to fill the void and embrace the new system will not be easy. On a secondary level, issues relating to the creation of infrastructure (both physical and pedagogic), apart from those relating to getting a huge force of trained teachers will need to be addressed. However, much before that, the primary issue of spreading awareness – of identifying emerging matters, post-NEP 2020 rollout, and enlightening the protagonists about the available solutions must be addressed. Here too, Nalanda Learning is taking the right initiatives, and making the right contributions.

CBSE State Level Conference on Foundational Literacy & Numeracy
Nalanda Learning, which has been one of the early movers into the domain and is today widely acknowledged as a leader in the field, is performing a Herculean task in this area. Nalanda Learning was invited to the CBSE State Level Conference on Foundational Literacy & Numeracy and National Education Policy 2020 in the backdrop of G20 organized by CBSE Regional Office Bhubaneshwar in association with Kolkata Lansdowne Sahodaya Social Welfare Society. Helmed by the Regional CBSE Officer- Bhubaneshwar, the event saw the spontaneous participation of 250 CBSE schools with 350+ participants attending the program. Nalanda Learning got the opportunity to showcase their NEP 2020 compliant preschool solution to the gathered academicians and educators.

#G20 Meet on Early Child Education
Nalanda Learning was also invited by NCERT to represent India at the prestigious #G20 Meet on Early Child Education hosted by the Ministry of Education in the presence of 20 countries, which happened in Pune University. The 4th Education Working Group meeting’s theme was “Ensuring Foundation Literacy and Numeracy,” with a special focus on blended learning- where the best practices in FLN, Digital Initiatives, and the Future of Work were showcased.

PSCWA formalizes association with Nalanda Learning
Soon afterward, the Private Schools and Children Welfare Association (PSCWA) conducted its 10th National Council Meet-2023 at Puri, Odisha, in association with Nalanda Learning & ASSOCHAM. The inauguration was attended by the Hon’ble Minister of Finance- Jharkhand Dr. Rameshwar Oraon; National President PSCWA- Syed Shamael Ahmad and Co-Founder Nalanda Learning, Timir Mukherjee. The high-water mark was achieved when the PSCWA formalized its association with Nalanda Learning as their academic partner and signed a treaty to set up 25,000 new preschools with advanced content, curriculum, and technology as per #EP2020 guidelines. The signatories rightly hailed the signing of the treaty as a momentous event aimed at ensuring that India stays on course to achieve the lofty ideals that have been set out in the NEP 2020. The event was applauded by the dignitaries present on the occasion and has been widely reported in the local and national media.