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Evolution of the Nalanda Learning System into a provider of holistic preschool Edutech

An Overview
Pre-primary education has traditionally been shunned by most established educational institutions as they probably felt that the waters were uncharted. On the other extreme, most entrepreneurs who took the plunge soon realized that they neither had the wherewithal nor the aptitude (read pedagogy suited to this segment of their own or suitable manpower), leave alone the scale to run their businesses viably. The result naturally was a high level of attrition. Besides, even the ones that did survive and flourish, for obvious reasons, tended to be localized around the big cities, leaving the vast hinterland virtually without access to modern pre-schooling facilities. The need for a provider offering an organized curriculum with built-in teacher training and student evaluation facilities was acute. Here too, in the pre-Covid era, the scenario was marked by a huge demand-supply gap.

The Challenges
Then COVID happened and even the units that were affiliated with branded preschool chains were forced to down shutters. As a matter of fact, making the transition from running a preschool physically to delivering instructions digitally was a challenge that was almost insurmountable. Neither was the curriculum available digitally nor were there enough trained teachers to engage the children. And then, the new National Education Policy 2020 was unveiled, complicating an already desperate situation further. The stress on early childhood education that would seamlessly act as a building block for the later years’ requirements, the outlining of the pedagogic structure, and the need for “preschool” certification for entry into the so-called traditional educational system posed a daunting challenge to the existing preschool superstructure.

The Nalanda Learning Solution
However, Nalanda was ready. It was the covid that made it think about a hoard of things, including the new age requirements. That made Nalanda Learning emerge with answers that everyone seems to be seeking. And the reasons why Nalanda has secured its place as a front-runner as a solution provider are not far to seek. For one, Nalanda Learning in its previous avatar as Little Laureates has the experience of running a chain of preschools with distinction. Naturally, Nalanda Learnings not only has a holistic view of early learning but is also well-equipped with the necessary knowledge to understand the intricacies of running such an institution ground up. In short, Nalanda leveraged its institutional learning into the new age requirements with its own technology and pedagogy. Creating a formidable USP that is very hard to beat.

Domain Expertise
Comprising distinguished educators, child psychologists, and digital domain experts, at Nalanda, the move towards e-pedagogy is already in place. This is perhaps why, even during the lockdown months, Nalanda could seamlessly conduct its classes. The digital library of relevant child-friendly modules that Nalanda Learning has built over the years is today providing it with a nearly unassailable lead. The Nalanda Learning system is not only one that provides an inordinate amount of stress on teacher training, but also has an inbuilt system that automatically charts and monitors the progress of every child. And finally, by co-opting the parents into the learning process it has created a win-win for everyone – one that is NEP 2020 compliant to boot.

What is even more laudable is the way Nalanda is taking the initiative to spread awareness about the emerging scenario. Working closely with the policy-makers, and in association with industry bodies like ASSOCHAM, Tamal Mukherjee, the spirit behind Nalanda is fast emerging as the face of pre-primary education in India.
May Nalanda’s tribe increase.