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Nalanda Learning ENRICH: Training the Teachers to teach as per NEP2020 requirements

The New Education Policy (NEP 2020), structured on the four pillars of Access, Equity, Quality and Accountability is being hailed as one that will usher in changes that will impact education in ways that were hitherto unthinkable. The new policy with a 5+3+3+4 structure, comprising 12 years of schooling bolstered by 3 years of Anganwadi / Pre-school will replace the existing 10+2 structure, which alone is being considered as a tectonic shift. As a matter of fact, the stress that has been accorded to pre-schooling (and rightly so, say the experts), is expected to be nothing less than a game-changer.
Naturally, the pre-schooling sector has come under the arch light and questions are justifiably being asked about the availability of quality infrastructure to address the emerging demand that is expected to skyrocket soon. Here too, the need to empower early childhood educators by equipping them with the necessary skillsets is being felt.

The challenges faced by a Preschool Educator
Managing a classful of toddlers – each with a unique set of needs – is not an easy task. To impart the lessons and effectively implement the school’s curriculum makes things doubly difficult. Add to this the challenge of bridging the technology gap – the need to embrace the digital mode with an abysmally low availability of tools and gadgets, not to mention quality content – and the problem comes into sharper focus. And then there are the practicalities involved with lesson planning and assessment. For at no time can the teacher lose focus from the fact that on him/her depends the holistic development of the children and the future of the Nation. But the preschool teacher is also expected to keep the channels of communication open with the parents, to keep them in the loop as it were, which also adds to the pile of paperwork that an average teacher is expected to complete on a regular basis. Being a preschool teacher has never been easy and the NEP 2022 will make things only more challenging, they feel, and justifiably so.

ENRICH from Nalanda Learning
Not unless we have ENRICH from Nalanda Learning to address the most common issues, thereby making the whole process a breeze. Nalanda Learning, which has evolved through a long and arduous journey of managing pre-schools, has created a comprehensive, state-of-the-art system that is not only plug-and-play but has been designed to address the genuine issues faced by the teachers who are primarily responsible for managing the children in a physical pre-school and to alleviate the challenges faced by her. The training of the teachers to make the transition is built into the system as opposed to being incorporated as an afterthought, the exercise having been conducted with academics and actual practitioners cooperating to address their own needs.