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Nalanda Learning’s ENRICH: Training the Teachers to teach as per NEP2022 requirements

The New Education Policy (NEP 2022), structured on the four pillars of Access, Equity, Quality and Accountability is being hailed as one that will usher in changes that will impact education in ways that were hitherto unthinkable. The new policy with a 5+3+3+4 structure, comprising 12 years of schooling bolstered by 3 years of Anganwadi […]

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The New National Education Policy (NEP) 2022: A brief outline that parents should know

The media is abuzz with discussions about the New National Education Policy (NEP) 2022, which is being hailed by most quarters as a revolutionary step forward. Naturally, academic circles that will have to reinvent themselves to fit into the new scheme of things are apprehensive, because people are normally change averse and change of such […]

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National Curriculum Framework (NCF) for foundational stage education of children: Things that you need to know

Your child is about to be three-year-old and you as parents have started looking for a school providing foundational stage education. You must be wondering as to what are the parameters that you should look out for in a school. Let us tell you that you should look for an institution aligned with the New […]

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